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Ouch... my ovaries!

spinning around and getting dizzy

Dad came to visit yesterday, have to love concerned parents. He left about half an hour ago - Grandad is in hospital so Dad is headed to the Sunshine Coast to see him.
I am feeling ok, kinda. I am really tired despite going to bed at 9:30 last night and getting up at 8am... like eyes falling out of eye sockets tired.
Yesterday I got two new tyres for my car which is good on account of now if I am pulled over by the cops I won't be booked for having bald tyres... also got steering alignment done and such.
I really can't wait until I go home for the uni holidays. I only have 2 exams and they are both in the first exam week so lucky me gets to go home in a fortnight exactly and I will get a month off from uni and away from Toowoomba. We are going for a road trip these holidays - headed down toward Sydney where we will spend a day seeing the Bishops and then another day seeing the Richardsons and dropping off Nanna at Windsor before continuing south to Canberra. I really can't wait - I won't have to worry about uni work due to it being mid-semester so I can just chill out... literally with the weather down there.

I bought a nice thick dressing gown today from myer... mmm I am going to be warm. It is kind of cold today, it would be nice but it is really windy.
So this babble is boring.


It's not appendicitis. My blood test shows elevated ESR which indicates inflammation or something... so it is another 24 hour wait for me and if this pain continues then I have to go back for a review. He said something about bowel disease which would be lovely, but hopefully it will clear up... and not be that.
Hmm good times.
The odd thing is I am feeling fairly ok emotionally at the moment, maybe it is because I have been occupied with things, like doctors visits and blood tests and sleep. *shrug. Who knows.
I got my marks back for my latest Journalism assignment, I got a high distinction!!! Yay!

So, nothing else to report.



I think I have appendicitis.

The end.

><((("> x <")))>

Man... I am so bloody tired it is not funny. Last night I had the strangest dream that involved me giving birth to triplets - all boys. They were tiny but I strapped them into seatbelts and drove off... and I didn't have any clothes or anything for them. It was odd.
Got back a little while ago from my Journalism test which fingers crossed went ok.
Tomorrow I get to go back to my favourite man in the whole wide world for a 20 minute appointment that will cost me $80!!! Sarcasm = 0.. ha.
Things are a bit weird on college at the moment, guess it might just be the whole mid-semester getting sick of each other thing with people going through their own stress/homesickness shit but it's not like we are children any more... but what would I know.
Oh was so disappointed this morning in my 8am lecture... he didn't show a video... even if they are crap they seem to break up the monotony of his voice. Alas we were doomed to 60 minutes of him droning on.
I am listening to Lifehouse at the moment, it has been a while... so good.
So tired! I know I sound like a broken record but seriously, I am dying of lack of sleep here!
On that note, it is lunch time. Here's hoping that there is an ok midday movie on because I really can't stand that Ellen show... ok I lied. I can stand it but it is sooo bad.... gah.



Tuesday is the day that follows Monday.

Just thought I should point that out… in case anyone was unaware of the fact.
Like any other Tuesday during the university semester I was up early and sitting in my lecture by 8am. Yes… 8am!!! It is such a wonderful time of day to listen to the lecturer ramble on about information that doesn’t even relate to the modules… the good thing about it being that he provides entertainment and there were a few video clips to help alleviate the boredness.

After the exciting lecture on Post Modernism (when we are studying semantic?!) the rest of the day just failed to meet the high expectations that were set by the stimulating and encapsulating lecture. Instead, I passed my hours listening to music, reading assorted newspapers and eating lunch.

At 2pm it was off to uni again for me for my ‘19th Century Literature’ tutorial on Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein: the Modern Prometheus’. So that was interesting… I like ENL. It was slightly amusing though… he asked a question about what social group was important to the monster… and I answered as no one else was going to… I think he was a bit taken aback, perhaps one of the only times he has infact heard me speak at all. At this discovery he continued to ask me questions about what it was in the relationship that that was important… so that was enjoyable.

Enough about uni… this is annoying me how I am just writing about what happened in my day… it seems juvenile.
Went for a walk this arvo… which was nice… good old endorphins and all… Speaking of which I haven’t had any chocoloate in….... a long time, and I don’t particularly want any… speaking of food. I have been forgetting to drink which is a bad thing.

At dinner Soph and I managed to make fools of ourselves in front of Olly… but that’s ok because I think that he kind of enjoyed it… we made him laugh and smile so that is something positive anyways!
Afterwards we (we being Sophie and I) went out to middle of the oval, ran around the random bush that is there (don’t ask what a bush is doing on the middle of the oval?!), skipped and screamed. It was good. I have decided to do it more often. I have been wanting to sit on the oval at night and have a cigarette but with the anti-smoking pictures on the packs now I really don’t want to buy one (I mean… a gangrene foot with missing toes?!) and besides would just start another bad habits… I have enough as it is.

You know what really frustrates me? Well… how dare they be all ‘anti-smoking’ campaigning when they do bugger all about drinking? I mean… there are many more social problems associated with alcohol and its misuse, not to mention medical problems… how dare they tell us not to have a cigarette. Both drugs are legal… argh. I live on College and all I see is my generation drinking away their lives… it may sound like an exaggeration, but I’m all for having some social drinks. Just that, when people are going out, intending to get so written off that they can’t walk, and when they are drinking 4 nights a week… argh it is just so frustrating!

So I have had my rant and now I should go and do something constructive with my time even though I haven’t bitched about my lovely cousin who is pissing me off.... god she is so selfish and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

Maybe I should go back to the oval and scream some more.
I think I will settle with a few deep breaths and a drink of water.

Fare thee well.

P.S This song is soo good!
I have a job interview next Thursday night for a position at Cold Rock which is yet to open.

I have been feeling sick but I think it's just anxiety... just...ha... yeah.

Can't write here.. it doesn't feel right.


It's the 1st of April... so uhm yeah April Fools' and all that rubbish...



I find myself once again alone. Most of the past 5 days I have spent alone.
Wait. I am not alone at all... no, my roomates budgie is with me in its cage with a towel over it.... and.... that stupid mind of mine that seems separate to me is here, hell it is always here - it. will. never. leave. me. alone.

I watched 'The Constant Gardener' today... um, wow... it was excellent in a sobering, thought provoking way.
Apart from that... my day consisted of petty small talk, procrastination, a drive to Maccas' ... and... stuff. Excitement topped .001 on the richter scale... so you had all better watch out for I = excitement.... woot.

Well this is a waste of time and of space so I will go.



I dropped Rachael off at the bus stop so she could catch a taxi to work. Afterwards I went for a drive to the lookout that is out of town and looks down upon the city lights. I shouldn't have gone there by myself. I will skip the details apart from the fact that it has changed... it is not the same anymore and I am scared of that.
Driving back up Ruthven St a tad dazed... I went through an intersection controlled by traffic lights without even realising until I was going through it... thank goodness they were green... it was a major intersection. So... I scared myself. In hindsight it would have been an ok way to go - unaware of what was hapenning, not realising until there's nothing that could be done... Despite this I feel stupid... I could have killed someone else. Maybe I am making more out of this than needed... but it has just proved to me that I perhaps am getting out of hand just a tad.
I don't know.
On West St there was an ambulance parked in the left hand lane, doors open and interior lights on. One ambo was on the front lawn talking to a lady, I could not see the other.

I should go... now!

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