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I've not done the whole 'posting to lj' thing for quite a while. I don't really know why, though I check the site almost everyday.

Things have been up and down - same old same old I suppose. I've been working alot at Dimmeys over the break though now it is over. I go back to uni tomorrow... well go to Toowoomba tomorrow, uni doesn't start for a week yet which gives me time to settle into the unit and purchase textbooks and the like. I really should be packing right now... packing clothes. I have other assorted crap in boxes, I really don't know how it is going to fit into my little bubble of a car.

So I haven't written much lately and I'm kind of worried. I mean, this is supposed to be what I want to do as a career and it's been, what... 4 months? I don't know, I think it might just be that I need space, I can't work here, at this desk that is covered with the laptop. I also need to be rid of the threat of others (ie. parentals and sibling) reading my crap... not to mention I need space so that they aren't interrupting me all the time and asking me what I'm doing.

Ever heard of Gotye? I discovered his music last night. I recomment his single, 'Heart's a Mess' - I'm into the trippy spacey music at the moment. Speaking of which, check out 'Darkest Dreaming' by David Sylvian, it is amazing and so elevating... takes you to a higher level... I can't think of the right word right now... but just listen to it and you'll understand.

Hmm I don't really know who this 'you' is that I type of... anyways...

I'm looking forward to the whole sharing a unit thing. I just hope that I don't fall apart and leave Soph and Sun to witness my mess.

Gah... the etsy site is down.

Oh and USQ totally screwed my subject timetabling. I checked the timetable a week ago, and all was good - Monday was full as hell but there's nothing you can do so you deal with it, anyways, double checked last night and they've changed the freaking timetable!!!! Bastards! So now, two classes run at the same time and I've been forced to pull out of one and study it externally. I just hope I have enough motivation to keep up with the course...

Anyway. I'm a going to go. Maybe I'll drop by again sometime... and update like there's no tomorrow... not that anyone gives a damn.


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